Cheap Real Estate Italy Locations

If you’re looking for some exotic European real estate, Italy is a popular destination, along with Croatia and Greece. Yes, you can own a piece of Europe even cheaper than what it costs in the UK or the US. There are no restrictions to foreigners owning land in Italy and it can be used as a regular vacation spot, for business or for retirement, as many of the affordable properties available are located in beautiful quiet regions but with enough infrastructure to support immigration.

So where in Italy can one find affordable real estate Italy ( Italy has plenty of regions where properties are very affordable such as Sicily, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Molise, and Basilicata. Love skiing? There’s the Dolomites and Alps de Susi. Now these areas aren’t exactly like Rome that people visualize upon mention of Italy. As with any country, properties become cheaper the further they are from urban areas. But if you look very closely, there are plenty of affordable urban and even beautiful coastal areas such as Calabria.

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More and more people are choosing real estate in Bled. Extremely close to all major cities and the capital, it offers a “greener” alternative to larger cities and a wide alternative to luxury properties surrounded by greenery. This is the great advantage of real estate in Bled and of the choice to buy property in Slovenia: nowhere in Europe would you have these possibilities.

The general rule for Italy, the further south the property, the cheaper they get, but there are exceptions such as Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany and Umbria. By far, Abruzzo is the cheapest region to purchase real estate in Italy, followed by Tuscany. Buyers take note however, that properties can be cheap for a reason, mostly due to the property’s current state. One should purchase knowing that there would be possible renovation costs involved. Acquiring a property that needs minor repairs is a bonus.

Again, there are no restrictions to foreigners when it comes to purchasing real estate. Finding a reliable property agent and lawyer is key to successful transactions. Know the additional costs, fees and taxes involved and with that you may find the perfect Italian real estate that costs less than what’s available in your own country.