Best Places for Affordable Real Estate in Italy

Whenever you want to acquire something, gadgets, appliances, furniture, properties, it’s always a matter of knowing where to look. For those looking for affordable European real estate, Italy has plenty of those available. Italian property is generally affordable. One can get a modest home for 4000 euros per square meter in an urban area, and a large six-bedroom home for 25,000 euros somewhere in rural Sicily.

When it comes to cheap European real estate, Italy would be the best choice for international buyers. European Union citizens as well as citizens of countries with reciprocity agreements can easily purchase land in Italy. All that’s needed is a keen interest in investing or migrating into this culturally rich nation, some cash and a good real estate agent. Now that we’ve established the relative ease of ownership, let’s dive into where to actually purchase.

As mentioned, affordable real estate in Italy ( can be found mostly in rural areas though buyers can get lucky sometimes in more urban places. According to some websites, the region of Sicily is has plenty of available properties. In the historic town of Troina for instance, for 25,000 euros, a buyer can purchase multi-level properties or properties of up to 100 square meters. Troina is just an hour’s drive to the Mediterranean coast. The area is great for nature lovers and those who love quiet neighborhoods. One catch though is that Mt.Etna is active and provides the same risks as those living in Hawaii.

Other places include the rural town of Racalmuto where one can purchase villas and old buildings for around 50,000 euros. There’s also Sicily’s city of Marsala with available real estate for around 25,000 euros. From Italy’s toe to the country’s heel, Puglia, there are homes available for a slightly higher 50,000 euros. For skiing enthusiasts, there are log cabins available near the Alps in the Piedmont region for around 36,000 euros.

For those who know where to look, there is no shortage of affordable real estate. Italy is waiting.