Buyers of Real Estate Croatia

Foreigners of many backgrounds and nationalities are currently scooping up Croatian real-estate. Croatia is currently one of many preferred European getaways because of its natural beauty and low cost of living, which is perfect for retirees and tourists who want to get more for their money.

Foreign buyers in Croatia mostly include other Europeans, especially members of the European Union. When it comes to real estate, Croatia does not restrict foreigners from owning property so long as some simple conditions are met. According to local agents, foreign buyers mostly include Russians, Italians, Germans, Austrians and Slovenians.

For foreigners who are not members of the European Union but want to purchase real estate Croatia. Croatia allows sales to countries where they have a reciprocity agreement, meaning that the country or state allows Croatian citizens to purchase land from them. In the United States for instance, more than half the states have a reciprocity agreement with Croatia including Connecticut, New Jersey and New York. For countries without reciprocity, citizens can purchase land in Croatia through income generating Croatian companies that they own.

Properties in Croatia range from affordable to expensive, as with any country, depending on location, as well as the quality of the property. Though there are places such as Istria where homes can range between $20 to $220 per square foot. Enterprising buyers can easily flip a property for a higher value after a good renovation or just rent it out to tourists.

Many buyers are attracted to homes closer to the Adriatic especially homes with panoramic views. Such homes with up to four bedrooms can cost between $800,000 (renovated) to 1.8 million (newly-built) while three-four bedroom homes further inland can cost between $300,000 to $500,000. These figures are in the Istrian region but more or less reflects the prices of real estate in Croatia.