Real Estate Greece

Despite its current economic woes, Greece remains a very exotic and romantic place to live in. With that, when it comes to real estate Greece, currently has one of the lowest prices per square meter in Europe with an average of 900 euros per square meter or 90,000 euros for a 100 square meter property in urban areas and could go lower in rural places.

For foreigners seeking to purchase real estate Greece ( has almost no restrictions when it comes to European Union residents. Non-EU buyers will have to prove their intent for using the property, such as immigration and retirement, or, to provide connections to the country such as ancestral heritage. While families have strong ties to their respective residences, there are still plenty of homes available on the market which could come from migrating families or foreclosed properties. As mentioned, Greece is still reeling from an economic crash last 2009, which fortunately for foreign buyers makes it easier to purchase properties. It goes without saying that when it comes to real estate Greece is ripe for the picking and many people know it.

Greek properties are currently the lowest in the European Union as compared to other countries like Luxembourg where a 100 square meter property costs over 700,000 euros as opposed to Greece’s 90,000. In Italy, the price is from 120,000 up to 200,000 which is still quite higher than 90,000. In Spain, the price averages to 170,000 euros. While the aforementioned countries are equally attractive and exotic, Greek real estate prices are a steal, plus buyers get to live on peaceful islands where the rates can go much lower. Plus, it’s relatively easy to purchase property in the country so long as everything’s in order. Why pass up such a great opportunity to live in the warm, sunny Mediterranean country.