Install a Hammock for an Upgraded Interior Design

Inspired by the world of boating, suspended net hammock is now gaining popularity as a home décor feature. More and more homeowners are starting to use them as comfy reading nooks. These hammocks are also perfect if you want to create a new room or even fill a void space while still letting light shine through. These nets add a modern touch to any space, quickly becoming a lovely centrepiece of any room. 

Hammocks as Trending Interior Design Ideas 

It is never an easy task to create a blemish-free and relaxing home. If you want to let more natural light into your home, you might need to install bigger windows. Unfortunately, doing so will result in exorbitant heating bills. If you want to have a special nook for leisure activities, you need to invest in buying specialist décor items. 

Trendy furniture is increasingly popular
Trendy furniture also includes increasingly popular comfortable solutions.

But the good news is that there are now lots of new and fresh interior design ideas that can sort all these out without too much fuss or large sums of money required. In the US and Canada, hammocks are now taking the home design industry by storm. 

There is no wonder there. After all, hammocks are easy to install, easy to use, affordable, and an amazing option for homes, especially those with open floor plans. 

What are Suspended Net Hammocks?

Many suspended net hammocks installed in most private residences right now are the same nets you can find in catamarans. These nets are used in these boats as the crew’s platform while out in the sea. Crew members relax and sometimes even sleep on these completely safe nets. The nets are technically called nautical trampolines on catamarans although people don’t jump on them, of course!

Suspended net hammocks installed in private residences
Suspended net hammocks are installed in most private residences right now and are a raving trend.

Thanks to the material’s nautical quality, the nets can be installed in homes where people can sit, walk, or even sleep on them. The suspended net hammock installation in homes has been a raving trend for more than a decade because of this. 

How are Hammocks Installed? 

There are two main ways of installing a suspended net hammock: horizontal and vertical installations. Suspended net hammocks are installed horizontally for the purpose of filling voids. It is usually the case in the majority of the homes constructed from the 70s to the 80s that feature a mezzanine. 

  • These can also be installed in the middle of two floors to make the most out of the available space that would have been left unused otherwise. It also forms a space that connects the two floors. 
  • An increasing number of architects today are using this trendy interior design element in many new homes. They even add the nets in their blueprints to give clients a chance to enjoy an airy modern atmosphere. The design element is also less expensive, not to mention that it is easier and simpler to implement compared to other materials like glass. 
  • A suspended net hammock might also be installed in a vertical way to serve as a modern guard rail. It is the perfect solution for those homeowners who want to secure an upper bunk bed, a stairwell, or even a mezzanine for a modern and clever look in colours that match your interior. The knotted hammock mesh is the best choice for this particular type of installation because it won’t make the user experience any discomfort. 

How Long Does a Hammock Last?

Many high-quality hammocks right now are often guaranteed for two years. However, the truth is that most of them can last much longer. A suspended net installed on catamarans and exposed to salt water and UV rays can often last to a maximum of 7 years on average. 

hammocks for an airy modern atmosphere.
Architects today are using this trendy interior design element. They even add hammocks in their blueprints to give clients a chance to enjoy an airy modern atmosphere.

If ever an accident ever occurs, like a tear courtesy of the claw of your pet, you can easily fix the damage. But if there are several tears, especially serious ones, you might need to seek help from an expert to repair the damage. 

Benefits of Hammock Suspended Net  

It is always a wonderful surprise to step inside a home and see a hammock in the room. If you are still unconvinced, here are some of the benefits of installing these fun and trendy home additions:

Additional Space 

Hammocks give you extra square meters in your living areas. When you have a suspended net installed over your stairwell, for example, you can fill the void from a giant hammock while opening the rest of the home. 

A Practical Solution 

Suspended nets are cost-effective. Even the custom-made ones are affordable. Just don’t forget to factor in the price of the frame of the net to determine the total cost. 

Protection for the Open Areas 

A suspended net will not only optimize voids but will also keep your family members protected. These nets can serve as a sleek guard rail, and secure a mezzanine in your kid’s room, an upper bunk bed, or a stairwell. 

Safe and Simple Solution

A hammock is getting more and more popular as an interior décor solution in many homes across the world. However, it wasn’t necessarily new, especially in the maritime sector. Suspended nets are similar to the ones you can find in catamarans. Ask any sailing crew and they will surely tell you how amazing and robust these nets can be.

custom-made hammocks are a trend
Suspended nets are a safe and simple cost-effective solution. Even custom-made hammocks are affordable.

As expected, these nets are even more robust when used in homes. All you have to do is tense the net, fill the void, sit back, and relax. 

A Stylish Design Element 

A suspended net hammock is a fun and trendy interior design solution that won’t leave you disappointed. Originally used for bridging the two hulls of a catamaran, these products have been incorporating functionality and originality in modern homes for more than a decade. 

Best indoor hammock ideas

You can use these nets as partitions that allow daylight to pass through. You can also use them as guard rails on mezzanines and other areas. When installed horizontally, these nets can also serve as day beds or reading nooks. Children can also use them as play areas. 

Add a hammock to your interior design and enjoy all its amazing perks!